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2021 Aloha Hāhā Physical Comedy Theatre Festival Workshop







Aloha Hā Hā Physical Comedy Theatre Festival. Jan. 16 - 26, 2020

Mahalo For Coming Out!




Laughter is sacred and should be protected.

The Hā Hā Hawai`i show featuring the `Aiea Ali`i Asian American Amateur Acting Association company grew out of Physical Comedy workshops in NYC and Maine with Aitor Basauri. The work continued to Philippe Gaulier in Paris, France. Suzen Kukana Murakoshi hopes to encourage the devising of new work within her ohana of Hawaiʻi nei and NYC. The journey began when Master Teacher Aitor Basauri agreed to teach workshops at the ARTS at MARKS back in 2015, while also pursuing his second passion of surf on the North Shore of Oʻahu. The Sun, Surf and Physical Comedy Workshops were born.


2020 marks the fifth year of the Boot Camp Workshops with Master Teacher Aitor. We aim to bring together local and international theatre artists. Other gifted teachers from NYC and Yale School of  Drama may also coach local and visiting talent. Through the intersection of sharing cultural gifts, all may be enlightened. The mana, power, of the ʻaina, land, of Hawaiʻi holds stories of unseen generations. This mana can be explored, tapped into and revealed to the artistry of all who come to create and share their stories with the na akua, 

For 2020, the Aloha Hā-Hā Festival, will offer shows from around the world January 17th - January 26th, 2020 at the Good Vibes Studio and the UH Kennedy Earle Ernst Lab Theatre. 

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2020 Festival Winners

Full Scholarship Winner: Micah Kalanihonohoumākou Souza

Partial Scholarship Winner: Eddie Bond






2019 Festival Winners

Grand Gold First Prize: Pretty Face by Amanda Huotari

Audience Choice: Sub-Aquatic Adventures by Eva Lansberry






Julia Vanderveen and Eva Lansberry in Sub-Aquatic Adventures


Scholarship: Sean-Joseph Kahāokalani Choo

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